Mindra Smart Charging Solutions


MINDRA has established a comprehensive operation model that integrates diverse products and services, including research and design, manufacturing, marketing, and services. Whether in public construction projects or implementing the national-wide charging station project in India, green energy and environmental protection are both important elements of MINDRA’s corporate social responsibility. Our mission is to make charging safer and easier. To establish a more convenient charging environment, MINDRA has also sought strategic partnerships with many clients to leverage the company’s years of experience in the EV industry to aggressively plan and build charging stations in construction projects across India and globally.

Design & Development

  • 3.3*3KW AC Charger to 240KW DC ultra-fast charger
  • Fully equipped testing labs

Survey & Construction

  • Consultation for EV Charging Stations
  • Electrical power evaluation and model selection
  • Professional installation

Technical Specifications

Rating 142KW 240KW
AC Input Input Rating Three Phase
Input Voltage 400V ac + 15% 400V  ac +-20%
AC Input Connection 3p + N + PE
Max Input Current (A) 252 A / Nominal 186A 400A
Frequency (Hz) 45~65
Power Factor >0.99 @ 50% or higer load >-0.99
DC Output Output Voltage Range 50~500V dc ( CHAdeMO)  

150-1000 VDC

150~750V dc (C CS)
415V A C (T YPE II )
Max. Output Current 125A (ChAdeMo)/200A(C CS)/32A (T YPE II ) 800A
Output Power Range (kw) 60 C CS+60 ChAdeMo+22 TYPE II 240KW
Voltage Accuracy ±1 ±0.5
Current Accuracy ±1 ±0.5
User Interface & Control Display 7 Inch Touch Screen
Push Button Emergency Stop
User Authentication RFID System
Display Information Charging Process And Status / Alaram Warning Messages
Communication External Ethernet / 4G/3G
Internal CANbus / RS485
Environmental Operating Temperature (°C) 30 ~ + 50 Power deration from 50 and above
Humidity (%) 5~95RH, non-condensing
Altitude (m) <2500
IP Level IP55
Cooling method Smar t F an Cooling
Weight (K g) 420 K g 230 K g
Cable Length (m) 5
Protection Input Protection OVP, OCP , OPP , O TP, UVP , Residual Cur ent Detection, Surge Protection, Cabinet -open detection (rear door)
Output Protection SCP, OCP , OVP , LVP, O TP, R esidual Current detection
Regulation Certificate ARAI
Charging Int erface ChAdeMo +C CS+TYPE II CCS-2 Combo Interface

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