Air Pollution Causes, Need for Management and Monitoring

Air Pollution Causes

Air pollution is the contamination of the ecosystem which is one of the biggest problems faced by the world today. The way the quality of the air we breathe is degrading, an Air Quality Monitoring System is crucial, in that it can help reduce the effect of air pollution on the human civilisation.

It has a harmful impact first and foremost on health, then agriculture and hence the overall economy.

  • The health effects cab be anything from cardiac dysfunctions to breathing disabilities to growth abnormalities in children or other severe problems in the more elderly population.
  • The case of the Delhi smog in late 2016, which left the capital virtually paralysed is the best example highlighting the need of well thought of air pollution monitoring system. People were helpless and it caused serious health hazards to the people such as asthma. Smog is a visual parameter of how poor the air quality is!!
  • There is also a huge effect on Agriculture. Acid Rain is one of the prominent problems. The acidic nature of this rain is highly damaging to the crops.
  • Air pollution has given birth to the problem of GLOBAL WARMING. It is one of the prominent threats to humankind which is causing all the climate changes around us.


Several reasons Air Pollution Causes. Some of them are:-


  • They can either be human-made or natural.
  • These are the substances that Air pollution causes and affect the air quality around us.


  • These gasses raise the temperature of the atmosphere gradually.
  • Carbon dioxide is a primary gas which is the emission product of automobiles, power plants, burning of fossil fuels.
  • Other greenhouse gasses include Methane, Nitrogen oxide, and Sulphur oxide.

CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons): –

  • They are particularly responsible for the depletion of Ozone layer.
  • These are part of our daily use items like refrigerators, paints, etc.
  • The CFC particles instead of depleting with time, stay in the environment and carry out the process of ozone layer depletion continuously.


  • The discharge consists of toxic metals and compounds which possess a high risk to human health.
  • The unfiltered chimney emissions from the industries are decked up with every single pollutant one could think of.


  • Carbon Monoxide is the primary gas released and is even more dangerous than carbon dioxide.
  • With the increasing number of vehicles on the road there has been a significant increase in pollution.


  • The gasses released from the radioactive decay of the rocks inside the earth are a cause of natural air pollution.


  • The gasses released from the organic compounds such as paints, waxes, and varnishes add up to be harmful air pollutants.


  • Mining is a process wherein minerals below the earth are extracted using large equipment.
  • The process includes the release of dust and chemicals into the air causing massive air pollution.


The air quality around us affects how we breathe and how we live our life. The pollutants in the air can cause some severe damage to the humans as well as the environment. It calls for some changes in our living style and awareness about our surroundings.

An Air Pollution Monitoring System can help us be aware of the quality of air and amount of pollutants present in it. Along with a mechanical device, some other changes can help control air quality. Some of the changes are:-


  • Using of renewable resources such Solar Power, Wind Energy, and Geothermal Energy has multiple benefits such as the continuous availability, they are free of cost, and most importantly they don’t produce any harmful waste products.
  • They are green and clean sources of energy.

air quality monitoring systemREDUCTION OF CARBON FOOTPRINT: –

  • Carbon footprint is the amount of Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of an individual’s activities.
  • One can control it by reducing the use of CO2 emitting products.


  • Sustainable development is the development that takes care of present as well as future generation.
  • We should adopt a lifestyle which supports such development.
  • We can make small changes such as carpooling; plantation of more saplings, using organic products at home and outside, decomposing the home produced waste and so on.


  • An initiative – The International Solar Alliance, started by 118 nations on November 4, 2016, is one of the many initiatives being enacted on a global scale to fight climate change.

Air Quality is the state of air that surrounds us, air that we breathe in. Hence it is crucial for our health as well our environment that we take proper steps to control air pollution. An Air Quality Monitoring System is a device which can help analyze around us and control some pollutants in the air.





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