Air Pollution issues and Air Quality Monitoring System

Air Quality Monitoring System

One of the biggest problems faced by the world today is Air pollution.  It is capable of harming the environment and population in every possible manner.

Air Quality Index

Many health ailments are caused due to air pollution.

Of the total premature deaths in the world 50% deaths occur in India and China alone!!

Due to the increasing risk of air pollution, there is a dire need of an air quality monitoring system to check for air quality. As pollution primarily affects the air quality, we breathe in.

There is a term called Air Quality Index (AQI) that helps measure/monitor the quality of the air around us.

To address this emergency issue, the National Air Quality (NAQI) was formed on 6th April 2015. It works the same way as the agencies in the US, China, and the EU.

Purpose of the NAQI

NAQI is formed for the easy estimation of the bad air quality. The salient feature is the uncomplicated interpretation of the results.

It uses Color Coding system which makes it easy for commoners to comprehend instantly. Effectively, this makes air quality monitoring more manageable.

Why there is need for Air Quality Monitoring System

Since the world is on an Industrial drift, there is a lot of particulate matter that goes from these industries to the environment.

And educating the masses about the ill effects of bad air quality would be the first cohesive step for addressing the problem of air pollution. Air pollution or poor air quality index is not a hiccup that the government or any assigned agency needs to look after it.

It is the responsibility of each and every person to contribute towards a larger good.

Constituents of Bad Air quality:-

Type and source of air pollutants

Particulate Matter:-

  • It is the mixture of solid and liquid particles floating in the air.
  • They have two sub-categories i.e. Coarse and fine particles.
  • Coarse have a diameter of 2.5-10 micrometer, while fine particles have a diameter pf less than 2.5 micrometers.
  • They play a significant role in poor air quality.
  • They can be inhaled; they cause visibility problems and respiratory problems too.

Carbon Monoxide:

  • It is formed because of incomplete combustion of carbon sources. It comes mostly with motor vehicles exhaust.
  • It has even worsening effects than Carbon dioxide when present in large quantities in air.

Nitrogen Oxides:

  • These are the nitrogen byproducts, which are made up when nitrogen fuses with other free elements present in the atmosphere.
  • It is extensively released from fossil fuel combustion, industries, and vehicles.
  • It causes serious respiratory disorders

Sulfur Dioxide:

  • It is the primary component of smog and acid rain, responsible for crop deterioration. It is produced by coal burning and industrial soot.
  • It has giving rise to global warming and many other atmospheric concerns.
  • It also hampers with the respiratory system.


  • It is the most harmful element present in the atmosphere. If its uptake is in the quantities.
  • Lead can cause serious health issues from nervous system malfunctions to renal disorders, cardiovascular dysfunctions, skin problems and so on.
  • Even the slightest of the increase in levels can cause abnormalities in body functions.
  • It harms the pregnant ladies and infants the most.

What can we do?

Fighting air pollution at this stage is not an easy job now because a lot has been done to bring the environment to its worst state.

Still, we can if not completely revert; can help the environment from further being spoiled.

In the recent past, there has been not a single day when

Our Small efforts can reap huge results.

We can keep a check on the air quality by Air Quality Monitoring System / Devices.

The air quality is degrading every passing day, and soon enough we won’t get pure or even breathable quality of air. Measures with immediate effects have to be taken unless we will face serious environmental and health issues.



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