Delta power active in Chandigarh Smart City initiative

Air quality monitoring system

Chandigarh will soon be able to monitor its pollution levels in real time. The UT administration has approved the proposal for setting up Automatic Air Quality Monitoring systems.

These automatic systems will also function as weather stations. Chandigarh will be the first in the region to have such a system.

At present, the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC) has five air quality monitoring stations, one each at IMTECH Sector 39, Industrial Area, Kaimbwala village, PEC Sector 12 and Sector 17.

Delta Power has signed MoU with PEC one of the leading institutes as the industry partner for a pilot project on Real Time Air Quality Monitoring in Chandigarh. The project is sponsored by DST-UT Chandigarh.

Due to the increasing risk of air pollution, there is a dire need of an Air quality monitoring system to check for air quality. As pollution primarily affects the air quality, we breathe in.

Any changes in the air quality would be detected by earliest and can be rectified within a time that would be not too late to rectify the condition.


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