government approved solar power company Chandigarh Punjab Haryana North India

Multi overseas, one of the very few government approved solar power companies in India, has been built with the goal of enhanced customer satisfaction and continual growth. The same principle applies to its brand Delta Power which purely focuses on providing solutions related to solar power in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and North India.

True to its goal, every individual working here strives to contribute through well-defined roles and methods to ensure that there is consistency in the working style and culture. The aim is to provide the most energy efficient and useful renewable energy systems / products corresponding to government rules and regulations. Therefore, our team has the following objectives:

  • To adhere to and continually improve our standards, systems and processes.
  • To constantly meet commitments in all functions of pre-sales, sales and post-sale customer support.
  • To serve our customer through defect free products.

In our day to day functioning, we operate on the following core principles:

Team Productivity

  • Our focus is to offer complete satisfaction to our customers, and for that; it’s important to have the best management possible.
  • Teamwork is vital to achieving set goals, and we work hard to give the best environment to our team members so that they can work with their full potential.
  • Organisational growth is a derivative of team productivity and we endeavour to optimise members’ performance.

Quality Maintenance

  • To be able to give maximum satisfaction to our customer, it’s important for us to develop our technology at a continuous rate to make the best
  • Our team works very hard in developing the best solutions possible and only after testing and being satisfied, do they present the final solution to our customers.
  • As one of the few government-approved solar power companies, we aim to produce the best quality standardised products which pass every norm set by the legal system in the country.

Customer/Vendor Management

  • For any company to thrive, it’s very critical for it to build and sustain good and long lasting relations with both its customers and vendors whether it’s direct or indirect.
  • Every individual who forms a part of the workforce in the company works to strike a balance on both fronts.

Human Resources

  • To develop the best products, it’s important to be up to date with changes in technology. Therefore, training our employees on a regular basis helps us to enhance and upgrade their skills.
  • Continuous Growth is an important part of any thriving company. As we aim to become one of the best Solar Solution providers globally, it’s very important for us to grow on a regular basis and excel in that direction.