The Indian Navy going Solar!!

solar PV installations

With India marching ahead with its Solar Dream, the Indian forces are proving a helping hand to achieve the set target of 100 GW solar PV installations by 2022.

The Navy has decided to install 19 MW solar PV installations by 2018. The Solar power panels are installed on board survey ship INS Sarvekshak, based in Kochi.

Indian Navy has decided to install 19 MW solar PV installations by 2018

These are innovative projects.

    • Following the implementation of these projects, the naval stations with the scarcity of land can deploy Rooftop Solar energy PV panels and they can harness amounts of energy which can be utilized in multiple ways!
    • With the Navy already switching to LED automatic street lights instead of conventional lighting, installation of solar power panels on ships would be one step further for fuel optimization without compromising with the working efficiency of the ship.
    • Working towards a Greener Planet and going up for Clean energy sources like Solar Energy and Wind Energy, The Indian Naval Ship “Sarvekshak” has opted out an innovative project which would provide onboard electricity using “Solar energy.”
Solar power panels are installed on board survey ship INS Sarveksha
  • 18 Lightweight, flexible panels of 300 W each have been installed on the ship. And the major advantage of these panels is the 100% Marine Compatibility also the power can be utilized anywhere in the sea or at the harbor.
  • This green initiative by the Indian Navy saves approximately about 89.1 Kg of Carbon emission per day as compared to the Diesel engine and would also save 22,995 Liters of diesel in a year. The whole set up would save nearly A Crore when operated for 15 years. The 300-watt panels generate about 5.4 kW of energy.
  • The energy harnessed by the solar power panels is 100% reliable for running out all operations including the communication equipment, battery charging and providing round the clock power supply on the ship even during the night. These installations are free of maintenance, on the other hand, the diesel engines require maintenance regularly.


The need for cleaner energy sources in water is arising due to the harm caused to the marine life by the pollution caused by the conventional energy sources. These fuels are the primary cause of the depletion of aquatic flora and fauna or in a broader aspect the aquatic biodiversity.

In the recent past, we have witnessed many oil or fuel spillages in the sea. These are by far the greatest threat to the whole ecosystem

The pollutants produced in water settle on the marine bed and remain there for ages and thus polluting the water for many years.

The Solar Energy panels installed would not harm the water biodiversity in any way. They work on a Zero pollution production principle.

The implantation of solar PV installations on the ships is an initiative under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan across the Naval Establishments, and the initiative is also yielding tangible results.

This project has also enabled the Navy in a National Mission of “Reducing import dependency in energy.”

The solar panels ensure that minimal pollution is observed at the Navy harbors and seas.

India has a target of fulfilling some of its energy demands by using renewable energy sources and primarily Solar Energy.

Indian Navy’s contribution to achieving this set target of 100-watt solar power project is a huge leap both technologically because it’s first of a kind initiative and Environment-friendly.



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