Solar Power System-Walk through the White House

Solar Power System-Walk through the White House

White House is one of the most popular buildings of the world from where every day important decisions of global relevance are made. For every upcoming young politician, the White House is the biggest prize for his efforts!

From the last 40 years, Renewable Energy is one such topic on which the perspective of the person ruling White House has fluctuated from time to time. Due to the different opinions regarding solar power, even the White House has seen a see-saw battle for installation of rooftop solar panels for a 24 hr supply of hot running water.

From the year 2010, the terraces of White House have solar Panels which are providing hot water to US’s most secured house. Mr. Barrack Obama, who took major initiatives in stopping the causes of climate change, ordered the installation of the panels.

But Mr. Obama was not the first person to make such efforts; In fact, Solar panels were first introduced in the year 1979 by then President and Nobel Prize winner, Mr. Jimmy Carter. History of Solar panels at White House can be explained in four major incidents.

  • 1979 Solar panels installed by President Mr. Jimmy Carter

  • 1986 Solar panels removed by President Mr. Ronald Reagan
  • 2003 solar electric panels installed by President Mr. George W Bush
  • 2010 Solar panels reinstated by President Mr. Barack Obama

The year 1979: Solar panels installed first time in White House

The Democratic President Mr. Jimmy Carter of US, being a typical and genuine student of clean and green energy source always supported and promoted the solar power and installed 32 panels at presidential mansion for hot water needs in cafeteria and Laundry area.

The year 1979 Solar panels installed for the first timeThe US was then facing a major energy crisis, and various policies were made to limit the load of the industries, but Mr. Carter never favoured cutting down the consumption of electricity; he was fascinated by the solar energy and its infinite source.

So to set an example for rest of the world the world and his country he ordered the installation of panels. He was of the view that the solar energy is the symbol of prosperity and it would help his country to end the dependency on foreign oil.

But his political rivals were of a different viewpoint and opposed this move.

The year 1986: Solar panels removed from White House

In the year 1981, Mr. Carter was defeated by Mr. Ronald Reagan, and with that, it brought a major shift in policies regarding the renewable energy source. President Reagan was of view to make the industries self-sufficient, and for he substituted the renewable energy development programs.

For the sake of economic development funding to the department of energy was stopped. Then in the year 1986 for repairing the roof of the White House, solar panels were removed and was decided not to reinstall as it does not give any cost benefits.

Later in the year 1991, Unity College of Maryland decided to purchase the depleted but historic solar panels at 500 dollar administration fees.

The year 2003: Solar electric panels installed

In the year 2003, President George W. Bush ordered the installation of solar power system for the national park service. The event was kept a low-key affair, and not much noise was made in the media. The energy produced from this system helped in ground maintenance work.

The year 2010 Reinstallation of rooftop solar power systemThe year 2010: Reinstallation of rooftop solar power system

President Obama’s focus and increasing global warming and climate change resulted in the reinstallation of the rooftop solar power system at the white house terrace. Later it was announced that solar energy system would also be installed at servant quarters for hot running water.

As we have witnessed another change in regime at the white house, we have seen a drastic shift in the policies related to renewable energy, climate change. Within first 100 days of the presidency, Mr. Trump cut short the aid to the environment protection agency.

We can only hope that it may not result in another dismantling of the solar power system from the roof of one of the famous house in the world.


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