IPL-10 powered by Solar Power!

IPL-10 powered by Solar Power!

Empowering Sports in India through Solar Power – the first Stadium to do so!

Solar energy is being promoted in each and every corner of the world. India is committed to reducing global warming, climate change, and decreasing greenhouse gasses. A lot of programs and projects have been initiated by the government to promote rooftop solar power systems; various groups, corporate societies, etc. are also helping the government in achieving the planned targets.

One such project inaugurated on 15th April 2017 is of particular significance. The project is supporting the game of cricket, a game which is treated, played, enjoyed and worshiped as a religion.

Day and Night matches and Energy Needs!

Day and Night matches and Energy Needs

Watching lush green outfields in sharp white lights and cheering for your favourite team winning the game is the perfect recipe for any cricket fan. Even players love to play under the floodlights and in cool weather.

But when we take into consideration energy needs, hosting day and night matches and other games under bright floodlights becomes too expensive. On an average, for one single match energy requirements come at around 12-14 MWH of electricity.

Now think of how much carbon emission this energy demand will cause! At a time when the world is going through power shortage crises, consuming electricity on such events becomes almost an anti-social activity.

Most of our energy requirements are attained by burning coal and gas, which are non-renewable sources of energy. A lot more non-renewable fuel is consumed to meet the inflated demand resulting in the emission of a significant amount of carbon mono-oxide and greenhouse gas emission.

To answer all of the above problems and hosting day and night matches without affecting energy needs and climate we need to use renewable energy sources like solar energy. One such project has just set the standard and would work as a role model for bringing about change in the sports world.

IPL-10 powered by Solar Power!

Indian Premier League or famously known as IPL is the most lucrative and exciting 20-20 cricket league in the world. This year IPL is celebrating the 10th successful year of the tournament, and the useSolar Power has made it even more historic.

M Chinnaswamy Stadium of Bengaluru is one the famous and historic cricket ground in India. It has witnessed many incredible and memorable victories and events in Indian Cricket and now is the home ground to Royal Challenger Banglore (RCB).

First Sports Complex powered by renewable energy

M Chinnaswamy is one of the prime venues hosting IPL matches, but this is not the only thing which has made it the point of attraction this year. It is due to newly installed and inaugurated 440KW capacity rooftop solar power system.

The stadium is managed by Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA), and on average around 18 lakh units of electricity is used annually, which costs near about 1.2 crores rupees. With the help of solar power, an estimated 6 lakh units of electricity would be produced which will decrease annual consumption.

Major highlights of the project being:

  • The Rooftop solar power systems have a capacity of 440KW and were installed in 50 days.
  • The system is connected to the local grid, and any excess production would be sold @ Rs. 9.56 per unit with accordance to the net metering policy of the state.
  • The project cost came to around Rs. 5 Crore and it is estimated that it will be free in 5 years of time.
  • Solar panels are going to provide 40% of energy needs of the stadium.
  • Bengaluru’s M. Chinnaswamy Stadium has become the world’s first stadium to run on renewable energy.

This rooftop solar power installation would help in reducing 600 ton of greenhouse gasses and carbon emission annually.



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