The impact of the absence of US from Paris Pact!

From Paris Agreement America announced a roll back

Thursday, June 1st, 2017, was not a very fine day for the environment When the President of United States of America announced a roll back from the Paris Agreement for climate change.

One of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions of all the 195 members, The US opted for getting out.

The Paris agreement suffered a major setback when the most prominent member decides to leave. The importance of the role played by the states in controlling the temperature rise is imperative and can’t be denied.

But since President Trump chose to abandon the agreement mid-way, consequences would be multiple and would be faced by all the nations.

Paris Agreement: recap

Paris Agreement recap

The agreement run by UN was designed and negotiated in 2015, with an objective to bring down the global temperature by 1.5 – 2 degrees primarily.

It also promoted the use of renewable energy resources like solar power, wind, geothermal and biogas to meet most of the energy requirements.

The funding required for clean energy products was to be provided by the developed nations.

Why Trump left the agreement??

Why Trump left the Paris agreement

“WE ARE GETTING OUT” were the words from the president Trump’s speech telecasted from Rose Garden, Washington DC.

Ever since the presidential campaign started, he was often seen labeling Climate change as “HOAX.”

While the president seems to be in gloom about the whole scenario of climate change and its effects on us and the environment, still the majority of Americans stand out loud with the agreement.

According to Mr. Prez, the agreement imposes unduly large penalties upon them and subsidizes other countries, which will disturb US’s progress!!

A clause in the agreement says to penalize the biggest polluter, at a rate of $150 for each ton of CO2 emitted. And the US being the major contributor to the emission, thought it would be better to cut loose than to pay huge sums of money as a penalty.

In another four years, the process of exiting would be completed.

Future of Paris Agreement after the US

Being the biggest economy and the second highest emitter of greenhouse gases, US was an important ally, who would have helped a lot for achieving the set goals which were the reduction in rising temperature, clean energy like Solar power and wind power utilization.

There would be definitely a fall in the pace of implementation of these programs.

The UN still has support from rest of the countries as earlier. Europe, China, and India have joined their hands against global warming and making a shift towards renewable like solar power and wind energy.

And they are aiming to progress towards their set goals for reducing carbon emission.

India’s take on US exit

Prime Minister NarenderModi assures that the US’s exodus would not affect our plans to combat the environmental issues in any way.

We will still be advancing with our plans to control Global warming and proposed projects for Solar energy harnessing instead of coal.

There would be a revolution in the energy production which would help the country to live a clean and green life.

The Paris agreement is taken as one of the biggest efforts on a global level towards global warming. The walk out of the US will prove a major setback for achieving the goal.


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