future of Solar energy

The industry final has reached a tipping point?? Certain industry men seem to think so!!

Those with futuristic approach have already adopted Solar, Wind or other renewable energy forms years ahead because they have envisioned the future times to be fossil free. And so does the latest report from the Bloomberg shows that the world is finally falling upon fossil fuels.

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels

It is no rocket science that Renewable and Green Energy are so named because of their consistency and sustainability. These resources won’t be exhausted anytime soon in the near future. Many major industrial sectors have opted for Solar energy over Coal, which is good news for the environment and the industries as well.

With technological advancements, there is a price drop in Solar installation and utilization. And with the decline in price more and more industries pitch in for opting out a means of energy that is a just one-time investment.

Solar energy has the edge over all other forms of renewable energies because of its easy installation and less space requirement. Installing a wind turbine would be such a cumbersome task requiring a vast open area and the optimum amount of wind conditions. But Solar panels are hassle free as the sun shines every day and they can be installed on Roofs or even at facades!!

Back in 1970’s or so a solar energy panel would cost around $76 per watt, but nowadays it’s much less about $2-3 per watt, which is pretty affordable and would also save on electricity bills.

A Sign of the Times

According to reports in upcoming 4-5 years, Solar energy will be cheaper than coal. With industrialization on a boom in some of the highly industrialized countries like India and China.

By 2040, it is estimated that there would be a 67% decrease in solar energy prices in the US and 85% decrease in Japan. This reduction would allow the access of renewable energy to more and more population and make it affordable for almost everyone.

The future seems like not only the homes running on Sun’s energy rather cities or whole economies running on it!!

Our industries till now are heavily dependent on oil or coal, and Transition from Coal to Solar energy would be heavy on pockets initially and time-consuming also!!

But a drastic decrease in the cost of solar power utilization is likely to help in years to come, and the conversion from non-renewables to renewables which today is cited as a hurdle would soon be addressed as a major accomplishment in the years to come.

The Future of Solar Energy Looks Bright

Future of Solar Energy Looks Bright

The future of solar energy seems bright. But the question what bothers is the dependency on the usage of coal and till how long we would continue to fulfill our energy demands with coal and other non-renewable energy sources?

There is also an Environmental aspect connected to the whole scenario. While a majority of Americans believe climate change o be a real threat and are taking up initiatives to stop or slow down the process.

The future of Solar energy looks bright while coal and oil sources diminish. The reduction in the cost of solar energy is a significant leap forward.


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