How to clean solar power panels without professionals

Clean solar power panel in house

Don't loos up to 30% efficiencySolar power panels are very common sight these days. But they gradually with time lose their efficiency for about 15-20%.  Mainly due to exposure to a lot of outdoor grime which leads to accumulation of waste on the panel surface; dust alone can decrease efficiency by 7%, and the best way to regain the increase. Is to clean them.

Solar panels are just like window panes. It impairs the complete absorption of sunlight and hence reduces the capacity of conversion of solar energy.

The outside grime includes Pollution, dirt, dust, leaves, and bird droppings.

Solar Panel after beforeSolar panels require cleaning so as to make the investment worthwhile otherwise; then there would be no benefits of installing them!!

After installation, they are almost maintenance free just they need cleaning like any other appliance we use.

Cleaning solar power panels is no rocket science it is as simple as washing a car you just need to be little cautious while doing so.

When to clean Solar power panels??

You can keep a check on the efficiency of the system, and when needed you can clean it. Cleaning it further depends on the location where you live, panels installed on windy, dusty areas require frequents compared to those installed in cleaner regions. Usually, a solar panel needs cleaning 2-4 times per year.

Also, there are a lot of monitoring systems available that keep the record of the data regularly and keep giving updates about the panel so that you do not have to bother much. They can keep you updated and tell you about when to clean.

How to clean panels??

How to clean solar panels without professionals

Clean solar power panels manually:-

how to clean rooftop solar power panels


STEP 1: – Reading the instructions before washing it is must if the surface is sensitive to any chemicals or it may have any fragile parts that need to be taken care off.

Also look for any cracks or loose wires before washing!!

STEP 2: – Take a bucket of warm water, and it is better to wash panels before sunrise, as after sunrise the solar panels get extremely hot and washing them can cause damage.

Using warm water is helpful as it is at the same temperature as the panels are if you are washing after sunrise. Use of deionized water is recommended.

Wet the panels by pouring water over them.

STEP 3: – Mix few drops of a mild liquid soap in the bucket, put your cleaning brush or sponge into it and gently scrub off the panels. Be cautious of not putting on too much force on the panels so as they may not break.

STEP 4: – After you have scrubbed off all the dirt, clean the panels with water after all the soap has gone wipe off the water, and let panels enjoy the sun again!!

STEP 5: – After cleaning procedure is done again monitor your panel’s performance. The efficiency of the solar panels would increase.

Clean solar power panels automatically:-

Cleaning-panels-automaticallyIf you have solar panels installed at some unapproachable areas manually, so you can use machines for clean solar power panels .

These machines are very advanced and give very effective results.

The machines further decrease the human effort required and thus save a lot of time.

In large-scale, solar power projects where it is impossible to maintain the panels manually the cleaning machines serve the purpose.

A remote system can control these devices. And they are completely safe as they do not cause any damage to the solar panels.



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