Air Quality Monitoring Systems and Types

Air Quality Monitoring Systems types

Air pollution is by far the most dangerous form of pollution. Approximately 7 Million people have been killed solely by air pollution annually according to a report by World Health Organization. This sums up to one in eight deaths and is thus the single biggest environmental risk.

To curb these alarming situation efforts are made across the globe to clean up the air. It is crucial to understand the root cause of this pollution and where it is most concentrated. For this, comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring Systems must be opted for, on a National and International scale.

The monitoring system assesses a number of pollutants such as Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides, Particulate Matter present in the air.

Monitoring system allows us to keep a check on the air quality on a routine basis. These Air Quality Monitoring system can be installed outdoors as well as indoors.

air quality monitoring system

Home Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Air pollution is not a problem associated with outdoors only, indoors too have a bad air quality. Barricading yourself inside the homes would not affect the quality of the air we inhale. Surprisingly some homes have higher levels of bad air quality than outside, may be for the simple reason of poor ventilation where the pollutants have nowhere to disperse.

Indoor air quality monitoring systems are specifically designed to monitor levels of harmful pollutants found indoor and often recommend ways to reduce the concentration of contaminants and reach an optimal level of indoor air purity.

Industrial Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The industries are more prone to the exposure of pollutants. The risk of inhalation of harmful chemicals and gases are very high due to prolonged exposures.

Setting up air quality monitoring systems in industries are of paramount concern. These monitoring systems keep a tab on the quality of air inside an industry and this way keep the levels of pollutants in control so that they do not take a toll on the health of a person working in the industry.

Open Source Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Air monitoring of open areas is of prime importance. With tiny particulate matter suspended in the air along with dust, smoke and soot the air we breathe brings along a number of disorders like asthma, bronchitis, cancer and some heart diseases.

The government is taking measures to monitor the Air quality of the environment. With the initiation of implantation of an Air pollution monitoring system at various places, the chances of the quality of air being made healthy are rising.

These systems can be used very easily by connecting them with smartphones, integrating them with computers.

Every person can carry a personal monitoring system by carrying a small device along with them, which is becoming even more popular these days.

This would provide an accurate and real-time data about the air quality. And thus allowing us to enter into a new era that gives us a clear picture if a healthy air we breathe in.

Air quality monitoring systems have become an essential part of today’s lifestyle because the air we breathe in is loaded with large amounts of pollutants. So, it is wise to check the quality of air and then take measures to correct it and bring it to the optimum level.


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