6 faux pas to avoid while choosing Solar Power!!

6 faux pas to avoid while choosing Solar Power

When you opt for Solar Power at your residence or commercial set up, there are a few misconceptions that you need to avoid falling for.

  1. Confusing daylight hour with sun hour

    Confusing daylight hour with sun hour

Sun hour is the specific unit of measurement that is used to define a period in the day when we get the most out of our solar panels.

In the summers when the days are super long the sun shines for almost 12 hours a day. However, you may get only seven sun hours only.

This doesn’t mean that the solar power panel would work only for seven hours, but you get 7 hours of peak output out of 12 hours of sunshine.


  1. Underestimating your power consumption
    Underestimating your power consumption

We all have loads of devices plugged in our homes, and we, most of the time don’t bother to check how much power they are consuming.

But it is essential to know your power consumption before getting solar power. You can check the labels on the product which give product specifications, and there you go!!

Pay special attention to big appliances like microwaves, heater, refrigerators, latest you get a grasp on these big devices you get a pretty much idea of what you are going to consume.

  1. Unreasonable expectations from solar energy

Be it you wanted to go green, or you wanted to save money or both, but solar power has some limitations after an extent.

For example: – If you buy a 100-watt capacity solar panel, now you wish to run a 600-watt refrigerator on it. It is practically not feasible!!

How could you panel work six times more in a day because the fridge works 24*7!!

So one can start by running small appliances first, and then gradually increase the load capacity.

  1. Poor solar power panel installations

    Poor solar panel installations

The solar panel has to face south (if you live in the northern hemisphere and vice versa) because the sun rises in the east and by this way a panel would be exposed to sunlight whole day!!

The angle of installation should up to with the latitude of where your home is!!

This would ensure that maximum amount of solar energy is captured and utilized.

  1. Ill ventilated solar panels

Solar power panels are designed to run cool. They have an optimum temperature range from 70-77 Fahrenheit.

So, not leaving enough gaps behind the solar panels would not allow adequate air flow, and hence they would be heated excessively and thus not working up to their maximum efficiency.

  1. Taking up deals that seem too good to be true

Solar power is an investment that can bring huge profits if utilization is done properly. Some dealers sell second quality panels at the price of good ones. You need to be fully aware beforehand of what you need to buy with precise specifications. One needs to go through the specifications precisely and ask for the guarantees.


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